Disclosure Statement

The purpose of this statement is to provide students, parents, and guardians with important information about the services I offer as the school counselor at R-MIS.  If you have any questions about this information, please contact me at any time.



Personal Statement of Services

My goal as a school counselor is to work with students, parents/guardians, and school staff to promote healthy social and academic growth of the students at R-MIS.  Services offered for students may include individual sessions, small group sessions, guidance lessons, and referral to additional services.  Every student will be respected as an individual and is entitled to access to all counseling services at R-MIS.  Referrals for services may be made by parents/guardians, classroom teachers, or the student may request services.   As a school counselor, I provide short-term counseling services.  If it is believed that a student would benefit from long-term counseling, parents/guardians will be contacted and other options will be discussed.



Trust is important in a counseling relationship.  Communication I have with students and/or parents and guardians will be kept confidential, except in certain instances.  Situations like this include:

                            -the student/parent/guardian asks for someone else to know

            -a threat of harm to self or someone else is made by a student or  


                            -suspected abuse or neglect

                            -an order by a court of law

If someone else must be given information divulged in a session/sessions, out of respect, the student and/or parents/guardians will be informed.  Confidentiality for small group sessions is different.  Students will be informed about confidentiality in a developmentally appropriate way when they join a group.  Given that there are other people in a group setting than just the student and the counselor, confidentiality cannot be certain.


Education/Work Experience

I earned a master’s degree in school counseling from Morehead State University as well as a bachelor’s degree from Morehead State University in elementary education. I am currently pursuing a Rank I degree from MSU in school counseling.  I held a position as a 4th grade teacher at R-MIS for four years and as a 5th grade teacher at R-MIS for three before becoming the counselor at R-MIS.  I have enjoyed the role as school counselor at R-MIS for seven years.