A student can earn a Gotcha by being caught showing good leadership skills and good character!

The following students have earned 5 or more Gotchas!

4th Grade: Thomas Angle, Casey Johnson, Kaci Caldwell, Reese Hughes, Lillian Stephens, Alexis Zachem, Jason Young, Calvin Dickens

5th Grade: Reggie Bechtel, Quentin Hewlett, Bella Quinn, Noah Quinn, Matthew Westenhofer, Nate Good, Reagan Parker, Haylie Baldridge, Allsion Brown, Reese Cameron, Kierstin Castle, Eli Lynd, Ethan Pack, Audrey Patel, Trey Profitt, Grace Simmons, Jaden Skeens, Alex Smith, Jesse Smith, Bella Tarazon, Haiden Anderson, Madelynn Darlas, Ayidon Dobbins, Garin Fraley, Jada Hodges, Annabella Madden, Parker Mitchell, Sofia Ortiz, Ava Quinn, Jocelyn Salley, Maeline Smith, Mari Jo Thompson, Jayden Swimm

**Will be updated periodically.  A student might not be listed yet that has earned 5 or more Gotchas.