5th Grade

August: 40265/p277211933_64879.gif

We practiced goal setting by planning a vacation....cause we still want to be on one!wink

September:  40265/p443308951_45900.gif

Successful student skills were reviewed/learned by playing Successful Student Feud. (based on family feud) We also played Bully Wheel (based on Wheel of fortune) to review what bullying is and how to prevent it.

October: 40265/p355227094_48436.gif

In October, we focused on what bullying is, what it is not, and the procedures for how to handle someone bothering you and someone bullying you.

Definition: Bullying is done over and over by the same person on purpose to hurt your feelings of your body.

If someone is bothering you, STOP, WALK, and TALK

If someone is bullying you or someone else, REPORT

Always try to be an UPSTANDER for other kids.  This is the website we used for being an Upstander: http://www.thenedshow.com/preventing-bullying-lesson-plans.html

We also used http://staging.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org/kab/what-is-bullying/learning-with-the-club-crew/ to evaluate the actions of the bully, victim, bystander, and upstander.