3rd Grade

August: 40263/p438263973_64875.jpg

During our August guidance lesson, we used a PowerPoint to learn more about the school counseling program and being successful at RMIS.



Lesson 1: "Good Apple" Behavior- We Close read an article from wonderopolis.org and decided if behavior was good apple or bad apple behavior.  We also challenged the saying, one bad apple spoils the bunch, by learning that we all make our own choices about our behavior.


Lesson 2: True Friends are Treasures- We used our treasure maps to go on a hunt for good friendship skills.  We learned that two very important friendship skills to remember and practice are to be CARING and TRUSTWORTHY!

October: 40263/p363781322_48244.jpg

Lesson 1: The Club Crew- We used The Club Crew to identify bullying behaviors and evaluate actions of the bully, victim, bystander, and upstander.


Lesson 2: Safety- We played Safety Jeopardy to learn about school, personal, weather, and stranger danger safety.


In November we used the movie Inside Out to learn about emotions and help us understand that all emotions are important and necessary.  We also learned that there are no bad emotions. However, we sometimes need to control strong emotions like anger.

December: 40264/p532915272_55248.jpg