INSTRUCTOR: E. Gollihue/Rm 215



Ayers, Edward, Schulzinger, Robert D., De la teja, Jesus, and White, Deborah G. American Anthem. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2007.



The objectives for this class will be to give the student a broader and deeper understanding of American History from the period of exploration into the New World to present day. Even more importantly, this class will offer an historical perspective into the formation of today’s society. We will discuss how social, political, economic, cultural, and technological changes have impacted both the past and the present. By the end of the course each student should have a better understanding of the issues surrounding European exploration and settlement, the formation of a new government, the American Civil conflict and Reconstruction, Industrialization, Progressivism, the Great Depression, and up to present day events. In addition, this course should also help to improve the knowledge, critical thinking, and writing skills of each student.






  1. The United States before 1898:

      Chapters 1-5

  1. Beginnings of America
  2. Forming a New Nation
  3. Developing a National Identity
  4. The Union in Crisis
  5. An Industrial Nation
  1. Becoming a World Power

Chapters 6-8

F.  The Progressives

G.  Entering the World Stage

H.  The First World War


4.   A Champion at Democracy

      Chapters 13-16

                 M. World War II Erupts

                 N.  The U.S in WW II       

  1. The Cold war Begins
  2. Postwar America

      5.   A Nation Facing Challenges

            Chapters 17-20

  1. The New Frontier and The Great Society
  2. The Civil Rights Movement
  3. The Vietnam War
  4. A Time for Social Change


3.   A Modern Nation:

      Chapters 9-12

                  I.   From War to Peace

J.  The Roaring 20s

K. The Great Depression Begins

L.  The New Deal


      6.   Looking Towards the Future

            Chapters 21-23

  1. A Search for Order
  2. A Conservative Era
  3. Into the 21st Century



* If you read the textbook and keep up with assignments, you should not have any problems in this class. This year we will be doing more than just covering the textbook. There will be mini-projects, group work, lab exercises, and guest speakers. My goal is to make history fun and relate historical events to current day issues and events.


Classroom Information and Supplies:

  1. Please obtain paper, pens and pencils for the class.
  2. Please help keep room clean.
  3. My class is a Red Zone so please do not have cell phone in sight in my class.
  4. Please write your name, date and class period as directed on all assignments


Student Responsibilities:

  1. Respect the teacher, yourself and others.
  2. DO NOT engage in conversations while the teacher or another student is speaking.
  3. Bring your textbook to class each day.
  4. Be on time every time for class.
  5. Attend class prepared to work.
  6. Be alert and participate in class.
  7. Everyone do your own work.
  8. Spend time during class and outside class studying material and be prepared for all quizzes, examinations, and other projects.
  9. Prepare your class notebook IAW instructions and bring to class each day.
  10. Notebook checks will be conducted once per nine weeks (See notebook handout)
  11. Please read your textbook outside of class since 45 minutes is not enough time to capture and retain the material
  12. Do not lay your head down on the desk


Grading Policy

The district grading scale is applied to total points earned system. All grades are based on earned points. Units are weighted according to the activities involved. Various unit activities include: assignments in class, tests, quizzes, homework assignments, reports and other class projects.

Grade Scale:

100%-90% A      89%-80% B      79%-70% C      69%-60% D      59%-0% F


Make-Up Work

It is school policy that a student has three days to complete make-up work or make-up tests with an excused absence or a zero is recorded (please refer to student handbook for more information on the attendance policy). Students are responsible for obtaining make-up assignments and setting a time to make-up a test.




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