Russell High School Academic Team capture the JV Challenge title



The Russell High Academic Team competed in the 2018 JV Challenge, a subdivision of Governor's Cup competition focused upon 9th and 10th grade.  The team won Sectional 14 with strong performances in each subject.


Quick Recall: 1st place with an undefeated record.  Ayog Prasad, Sara Abul-Khoudoud, Izzy McCloud, Jackson Raich, Jacob Nance, Jeffrey Nance

Arts & Humanities: 1st place Izzy McCloud, 2nd place Ayog Prasad.  Also competing was Vinessa Fressola.

Composition: 4th place Caitlyn Senters, 5th place Kendall Staton.  Also competing was Bailee Smith.

Language Arts: 1st place Sara Abul-Khoudoud, 4th place Alana Burnside, 6th place Vinessa Fressola.

Mathematics: 1st place Jacob Nance, 2nd place Sara Abul-Khoudoud.  Also competing was Audrey Abbott.

Science: 1st place Ayog Prasad, 2nd place Jacob Nance.  Also competing was Seth Derscha.

Social Studies: 1st place Jackson Raich, 6th place Christina Cremers.  Also competing was Delaney Hetzer.


When ranking across the state:

Jackson Raich - 2nd overall in State in Social Studies

Ayog Prasad - 4th overall in State in Science

Izzy McCloud - 4th overall in State in Arts & Humanities

Sara Abul-Khoudoud - 7th overall in State in Language Arts



Students pictured are:

Back row - Jacob Nance, Jackson Raich, Izzy McCloud, Sara Abul-Khoudoud, Delaney Hetzer

Front row - Seth Derscha, Jeffrey Nance, Ayog Prasad, Christina Cremers, Alana Burnside

Not shown - Audrey Abbott, Vinessa Fressola, Caitlyn Senters, Bailee Smith, Kendall Staton

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