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Shawn Moore

Welcome to the RATC!

 Our Vision Statement is as follows:

We are an educational system with dedicated staff, motivated students, and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, which meet the needs of all student

Welcome Students!

The RATC has a long history of providing excellent educational opportunities to propel our students into college and career readiness.  Our Staff, Faculty, and Administration are here to serve our students and prepare them to reach their highest potential.  We highly encourage you, our students, to engage in our clubs, events, and activities as they are opportunities for you to develop relationships, fine-tune your talents and skills, and open your eyes to a wealth of career possibilities.  Our goal is to make you, not only college and career-ready, but life ready! 

Thank you for choosing to be part of the RATC!  This is your school and you are part of something bigger than yourself here! We are a family and responsible to each other.  Please remember to treat our school, equipment, and personnel with respect as you travel through your path.  Your experience here is what you make it and your character choices say everything about who you are.  Be a positive example and you will receive positive results!  We are looking forward to working alongside you and celebrating your successes and accomplishments throughout your journey! 

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to come to us!  Again, we are here for you!  For questions, please contact me, Shawn Moore, RATC Principal, at (606) 836-1256 or via email @  Thank you so much!  


Shawn Moore, Principal

Russell Area Technology Center


The programs offered at the Russell Area Technology Center include:

  • Business & Marketing
  • Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
  • Computer Science
  • Electricity
  • Health Science
  • Welding


Our Goals at RATC are:

  • Provide technical skills training to secondary students, which leads to successful Post- Secondary transition;
  • Enhance career exploration options for secondary students;
  • Collaborate with local school districts to enhance the educational growth of all students;
  • Respond to the training needs of businesses and industry for the community;
  • Become an Area Technology Center of Excellence; and
  • Continue to improve quality education for lifelong learning.


Please remember that the RussellATC has its own Infinite Campus that is separate from your student's home high school Infinite Campus.  The teachers at the Russell Technical School use the KYTech Infinite Campus website for grades.  This means you cannot use your regular high school parent portal to see your student's grades. 

To see your student's assignment grades in detail, you will have to login to our RATC Infinite Campus website.  Here is the link to our Infinite Campus portal:

Please use the following to login to your student's account:

Username:  Student Number (10-digit number on Summary Page of your home high school's Infinite Campus 

Password:  First Letter(First Name)First Letter (Last Name)Birthdate(Six Digits)

For more information contact:

Shawn Moore, Principal

Russell Area Technology Center

705 Red Devil Lane, Russell, KY 41169


606-836-3784 (Fax)






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