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Different Governments

Different Governments Blog Comments
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 8:06 AM

Different Governments

What is the difference between Democracy and a Monarchy?

Posted By Chris Holbrook at 8:06 AM
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Chloe Dearing wrote ...
A democracy is a form of government ruled by the people with elected officials. A monarchy is ruled by a queen or king.
10/5/2015 8:03 AM
Dylan Jones wrote ...
A demoracy is different because you vote and in a monarcy you are born in the family of royalty and you will become king o queen
10/4/2015 5:56 PM
Drelynn Crews 5th period wrote ...
Monarchy is the rule of the king, queen or emperor. Democracy is the form of government made by the people.
10/4/2015 5:14 PM
raegan williams wrote ...
monarchy is where someone is born into a ruling family and will sooner or later take the crown, they have no choice, and they get to rule as long as they want. on the other hand, democracy is where the people get to vote or choose representatives to be a ruler over a particular country, in our case, we get to vote for a president and they don't get to rule as long as they want. in democracy we have a choice to choose a ruler over a period of time and in monarchy the ruler is born into it and doesn't have a choice, plus they can rule until they die.
10/2/2015 10:41 AM
Dustin Bostick 3rd period wrote ...
Democracy is a govern ment system that is lead by the elected repsentatives of the public. Monarchy is a government system that is lead by a specific family.There is no election system.The head is decided by heredity.
10/1/2015 8:14 PM
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